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A little background on our beans…

All of our beans are sourced with sustainability and social impact in mind. We are in partnerships with Mountain Coffee, an importer from BC with fantastic farmer relations and great coffees to choose from and Mama Chena Coffee from London ON who has direct sourcing from the family farm in Colombia.

Origin: Ethiopia & Brasil
Notes: Raspberry and dark chocolate with lots of roast flavors and a full body.
Variety: Heirloom, Mundo Nova
M.A.S.L.: 1000-1550
Process: Natural
Origin: Brasil & Colombia
Notes: Chocolate, Hazelnut.  Roasted long to develop more flavor and body.
Variety: Mundo Nova, Castillo
M.A.S.L.: 750-1300
Process: Natural, Washed
Origin: Colombia
Variety: Swiss Water Process
Notes: Chocolate and Nuts
Origin: Colombia
Notes: Roasted hazelnut, Chocolate with smooth and creamy texture.
Variety: Castillo
M.A.S.L.: 750-1300
Process: Washed, Sun-dried
Origin: Honduras
Notes: Caramel, Pear with clean body and honey sweet aftertaste
Variety: Catuai, Caturra
M.A.S.L.: 1250-1550
Process: Washed
Origin: Honduras
Notes: Toffee, Honey, Sweet and Bright.
Variety: Catuai, Caturra
M.A.S.L.: 1250-1550
Process: Washed

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