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A little background on our beans…

All of our beans are sourced with sustainability and social impact in mind. We are in partnerships with Mountain Coffee, an importer from BC with fantastic farmer relations and great coffees to choose from and Mama Chena Coffee from London ON who has direct sourcing from the family farm in Colombia.

Robin Blend

This blend is a bright cup of coffee, good for any time of the day. Roasted lightly allows the beans origin flavours to shine, look for light nut notes and citrus and fruit in this cup.

Medium Roast

This roast is a single origin from Honduras.  The beans are phanomenal and full of flavour.  Notes of caramel and pear with a medium body and syrup like finish make this a real crowd pleaser.  The roast degree of this coffee is City+.

Dark Roast

The objective of this roast is to get equal parts roast flavour while bringing the origin flavours of the beans to their maximum.  Using a combination of  natural process Brasil and Ethiopian coffees really creates a nice full body with a raspberry jam finish and just enough smoke to round it out.


Brazilian Esmeralda makes up the base of this espresso along with Castillo from Colombia.  The extra Colombian gives this coffee more body and stronger aroma making it ideal in cappuccinos and lattes.  Esmeralda is world renowned and beautifully smooth and creamy. There is lots of chocolate and hazelnut that come out in this blend with maximum sugar development and no burnt notes. Degree of roast is Full City.

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