The Bird

Our Beginning

In 2018, Early Bird Coffee became the first coffee roasting business in Woodstock's 170+ year history, and we think that's pretty special.

The micro roastery/café opened at 815 Juliana Drive in September 2018, followed by the opening of the café/bakery in downtown Woodstock, located at 375 Dundas Street in 2021.  At each location you'll find comfortable seating, delicious baked goodies, yummy espresso-based drinks and bags of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Our Growth

Other features of the "Bird" include:

  • Coffee Subscription
    program (must be within Oxford County to participate).
  • The Roasting Lab: where
    small groups can book an intimate coffee roasting experience.
  • Open Mic: music and
    spoken word at the downtown Bird (4th Thursday of each month from 6pm-9pm)

Pride in quality and community is the commitment of the Early Bird Coffee Team.

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Our History

Early Bird Coffee began as a basement roastery back in 2017.  The idea came to Elio one evening while watching food videos with his kids.  A video of the coffee roasting process played and that was the "light bulb moment".  Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to add an artisan/micro roastery to the Woodstock food scene led to where Early Bird Coffee is today.